Chimney Balloons

The chimney balloon is a simple and effective way of blocking off chimneys and flues when not in use.

It stops draughts and saves you money on wasted heat going up the chimney.

A room with a chimney balloon needs only about half the heat compared with a room with an open chimney, so it makes sense to fit one in every chimney and flue which is not in everyday use.

Using a chimney balloon will also reduce the level of outside noise entering the room significantly.

The chimney balloon is made in a special laminate of three plastics to make it airtight, tear resistant and long lasting. It also has a special shape that allows a little ventilation in the two corners to keep the chimney vented and dry.

Using a chimney balloon is completely safe; if accidentally heated, it will shrivel and deflate.

The chimney balloon comes in six different sizes to suit most chimneys and flues and we can order special extra-large sizes.

Chimney Baloon Fitted

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